Maximized Water Management LLC

Revitalize your surface water system to optimum flow potential

Specialty Equipment for Water Management

  • Products for removal of aquatic vegetation, silt, sediment, rock and debris from surface irrigation systems, ponds, streams, lakes and wetlands.
  • Our system is quick and cost effective, because our services and products are entirely mechanized. No chemicals, hand digging, burning, chaining, mowing, de-watering unlike other expensive, labor intensive and potentially hazardous methods.
  • Our equipment is specifically and specially designed to meet desired results with minimized negative impact to canals, streams, ditches, bridges, structures, canal banks, crops and desirable vegetation.
  • The result is maximized water flow by removing aquatic vegetation, removing or reshaping rocks, obstructions, leaks, holes and erosion problems.
  • Complete irrigation canal system maintenance equipment for sale and consulting services also available.
  • AVR (Aquatic Vegetation Rake) Patent Pending – an aquatic vegetation removal system.
  • The AVR removes the root of the problem. By removing the root system of Aquatic Vegetation we have found that (depending on the type of vegetation) it will not be a management problem for years!
  • There are several benefits of the AVR system besides removing the aquatic vegetation’s roots and stems. Water remains in the waterway. The AVR can reshape and remove silt deposits if desired. With our equipment your system is de-mossed and cleaned at the same time.
  • Maximized Water Management LLC. offers products to maximize your water’s beneficial usage.
  • Products and services for surface water management is our specialty, not a sideline. This is why we call ourselves Maximized Water Management LLC.


  • Complete canal and ditch system cleaning, maintenance and improvement equipment for sale
  • Wetland improvements, development, maintenance, and reclamation equipment
  • Waterway improvements for livestock and/or wildlife usage
  • Water control structures
  • Bridge silt and debris removal equipment
  • Culverts
  • Waterways improved and maintained


  • All equipment is on tracks to reduce the impact on canal banks, canals and wetlands
  • Excavator
  • Aquatic vegetation rake (AVR) (patent pending)
  • Helac PowerGrip
  • Tilt Rotator
  • drumcutters
  • Other attachments and equipment available to meet specific customer needs

Water is a very valuable asset

Maximized Water Management’s services are used by all types of water users, such as private Farms and Ranches, Canal and Ditch companies. We also work with State, County and City governments, Government Road and Bridge departments, State and Federal agencies and private organization who manage wetlands and waterways. Our equipment is also well suited for clean up of sediments, silt and debris removal caused by floods and high water flows. Our specialty is using the right equipment for the job required. We don’t use a sledge hammer when a scalpel is required. We mitigate our impact on every job for the desired results. We at Maximized Water Management LLC understand that water is a very valuable asset to those who own and use it. We also know that now and in the future the value and demand for water will continue to increase. Our goal is to maximize the use and benefit of every gallon of water. This is why we call ourselves Maximized Water Management LLC.

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